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The story behind the background photos

As a first post for my new blog I wanted to share with you the (short) story behind the background photos on the welcome page. If you missed them click on the “W” badge at the top of the menu.

Sunset in Mauritius

This photo was taken during during holidays in Mauritius with some of my best friends. One evening we decided to do a sunset shoot this is one of the resulting photos. The color warmth of the shot reflects really well the climate of the island.

A Smile in Time Square

While visiting my family in New York my girlfriend and I went to spend the day in Manhattan and it’s on Time Square with a 50mm and an aperture of f1,4 that I took this shot that I particularly like.

Pyramid Reflection

Last year in 2011 I went with my family on a journey to discover Egypt. This photo was taken in the early hours on the great Pyramid Giza site.

Belgian Horse Dressage

As some of you may know horse back-riding is quite popular in Belgium and in several disciplines. This is a photo of my mom in a Dressage contest with her beloved Sliver Oak. I find this picture has a magical atmosphere.

A Kiss on the River Nile

During our Journey in Egypt we also did a magnificent cruise on the river Nile. Although this photo looks like it was edited with a Sepia filter it was actually shot like that through the windows of the boat that had a special filter on.

Do not hesitate to add a post below if you have any comments or questions on of the photos.


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  • Maria


    I really like the photo of the kiss on the Nile ! Very Romantic : )

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